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Unsure if you can appeal your case?

At Morris & Stone Law Firm, you have the ability to appeal your case more often than not. In fact, if you've been told by another law firm that you will not win on appeal, we want to hear from you! Let us help you to save your case and improve your outcome whenever possible to do so.

•Superior Court appeals

•Small claims appeals

•Labor board appeals

•Defamation, real estate, employment, and personal injury appeals

•Professional malpractice appeals

•Attorney fee awards

Get appeals help in all areas of law

Morris & Stone Law Firm serves our clients with the very best care and you'll see that from your first call. Get FREE advice over the phone, competitive rates for all legal services, and an aggressive, get-it-done level of service.

Expect a higher level of service

Trust our law firm, with its 93% appeals success rate - you don't want your case in any other hands.

Reach out to us today. Get FREE advice on whether you can appeal.


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